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BLOG: Happy Hour Happenings of Downtown Los Angeles

Work is over, and you are ready to relax and unwind. While you could lounge in one of the stunning Downtown Los Angeles luxury rentals at 888 at Grand Hope Park and watch a little Netflix and order takeout, there's no better way to blow off some steam and catch up with your friends than going to happy hour.

Luckily for you, these DTLA rentals are in the center of LA's most vibrant neighborhood with an abundance of places to wet your whistle. Whether you want an upscale cocktail or something a little more staid, there's something for every taste.

Let's let the drinks and the good times flow.

The Varnish | 118 East 6th Street

Ready for a little covert adventure to go with your cocktail? Make a visit to Cole's restaurant, which claims not only to be the oldest restaurant in the city but also the birthplace of the French dip sandwich. Forget about the sandwiches—for now; it's all about getting a handcrafted drink in your hand at The Varnish. So, go to the back of the restaurant and look for a door with a cocktail glass on it. Open the door, and you are in what almost seems like another era. This small space is dripping with date-night atmosphere, thanks to good lighting and good music.

Seven Grand | 515 West 7th Street

Whiskey on the rocks? A Manhattan? A sazerac? Whatever type of amber-colored cocktail you like to imbibe, this whiskey-focused bar has your back. Since 2007, Seven Grand has been spiritedly serving spirits to connoisseurs and those just beginning their journey into artisanal cocktails. They claim to have "one of the largest selections of whiskey in the West," and after seeing their bars stocked with bottle after bottle from around the world, you'd have to agree. Seven Grand is a terrific place for a casual meetup with friends after work. And for people who prefer their drinks without whiskey, there are other options on the menu.

Library Bar | 630 West 6th Street

Bookworms and booze lovers unite in this library-themed watering hole. Yes, the vibe here is bookish, but that doesn't mean it's reserved. While books from around the world line the wall of this chic yet casual spot, the people and the drinks are anything but boring. The menu is full of cocktails named after famous literary works, such as “The Lion, the Whiskey, and the Wardrobe”; “Of Mice and Mezcal”; and “Phantom of the Aperol.” Riding the line between playful and elegant, Library Bar has comfy, overstuffed seating in a relaxed atmosphere where they serve up great drinks and unpretentious bar-style snacks.

And, after all this, if you still want to move happy hour to your apartment at 888 at Grand Hope Park with its amazing views or take your friends up on the private rooftop park for a sip or two, we wouldn't blame you. Cheers!