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BLOG: Sunday Is Brunch Day at Above 888, the Exclusive Penthouse Lounge

One of the great perks of living at the DTLA luxury rentals at 888 at Grand Hope Park is the wide variety of up-to-the-latest-standards amenities. Sure, the building can boast of a 30,000-square-feet private minipark (unrivaled among Downtown LA apartments for rent), but its extra-appealing features do not cease at the ground floors. Look up into the fabled Los Angeles skyline, and you can spot Above 888, the exclusive penthouse lounge that serves as a deluxe entertaining area for residents.

And what better use of Above 888 and its fully designed exhibition kitchen than to invite a group of your friends to your residence on a Sunday for a picturesque brunch?

You can start your morning by sauntering to the nearby Ralphs supermarket or Whole Foods Market (both within walking distance, so remember to bring your sturdiest recyclable bags!) to gather some choice ingredients and then whip up some of your favorite brunch classics in the kitchen located on the rooftop of your Downtown LA rental at 888 at Grand Hope Park.

Your imagination is the only limit to this ultimate DTLA brunch experience. Laugh, eat, and sip mimosas on the wraparound open rooftop while taking in the breathtaking views all Sunday long.

What will you serve? A cheeky twist on the traditional omelet or eggs benny? A gourmet version of the always-popular waffles and fried chicken dish? Premium ground beef minisliders with homemade ketchup and a sunny-side egg on top? Avocado toast for your meatless option? Would it be crêpes or pancakes covered in seasonal strawberries, blackberries, or pomegranate seeds? Cold brew or espresso ristretto? Regular, brioche, or challah French toast?

If you’re starting to get hungry, remember we haven’t even gone through the fun rooftop drinks you can offer at Above 888. The most basic mimosa, with freshly chilled orange juice, would do the trick, for sure, though may we suggest keeping the French champagne but switching the citrus to grapefruit or kaffir lime juice? Or else surprising your guests with a “poinsettia” instead of the mimosa, cutting the champagne with cranberry juice and just a dash of Cointreau? As we said, your imagination is the only limitation for your full-on brunch experiments in food and beverages!

But relax: even if you don’t feel like channeling your inner Food Network superstar, you can still take advantage of Above 888’s chef-approved exhibition kitchen by following some of Whole Foods’ handy “Brunch Basics” suggestions, running the gamut from mango mimosas to blueberry coffee cake, ham and rhubarb jam toasties, and vegan bread pudding.

Once the cooking is done, you and your guests will be able to enjoy the fruits of your culinary labors on your rooftop overlooking the renewed DTLA of the 21st century. Your building’s sundeck offers the kind of panoramic views that residents of other parts of Los Angeles can only dream about. Combine that with a gourmet brunch of your own devising, one (or several) mimosas with a twist, and the company of your wittiest pack or squad, and we’d say you’ve created the perfect Sunday Downtown experience, right from within 888 at Grand Hope Park.