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BLOG: Lose Yourself in DTLA’s World-Famous Fashion District

Living at the DTLA luxury rentals at 888 at Grand Hope Park puts you at a stone’s throw from one of Los Angeles’s most impressive cathedrals of commerce: the massive 100-block collection of stores known as the Fashion District.

People have been known to come from all over the area, the state, and even other countries and continents to marvel at the wares just a few blocks from your apartment.

The Fashion District stores tend to cluster around similar types of products, so it’s customary to refer to each subdivision of the Fashion District by its specialty: the Flower District, the Fabric District, the Purse District, the Car Stereo District—even a Piñata District. The heart of the Fashion District is the almost indescribable Santee Alley, a whirlwind of electronics, tuxedos, wedding dresses, shoes, perfumes, fruit carts, prom suits, t-shirts emblazoned with every statement or picture imaginable, and the energy of humanity bartering for any goods that money can buy.

Filled with shops specializing in home décor, clothing, perfume, and all things fashion, you have many possible destinations for your next shopping spree. Parking at the Fashion District can be chaotic, but that won’t be a problem for a resident of 888 at Grand Hope Park, who can just amble south past the more conceptual fashion notions of FIDM (the neighboring Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) and head for the real source of DIY style. Or get a bit of exercise with Metro Bike Shares – located all around Downtown – to pick up a beautiful bouquet of flowers while you break a sweat and enjoy the scenery.

Billing itself as “the biggest bead store in California,” the Bead Factory is the unavoidable emporium for anyone interested in custom jewelry or plain old bling. Everything from an immense selection of the coveted Swarovski and Preciosa crystals, other crystal options, every manner of rhinestone, gemstone beads, glass beads, seed beads, findings, chains, charms, and trinkets—the Bead Factory has everything you need to make your fashionable lifestyle at your Downtown Los Angeles rental sparkle.

Another of the great privileges of living at 888 at Grand Hope Park is finally having the space, the location, and the ambiance to entertain in true urban-sophisticate style. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking the Los Angeles skyline will take care of the views, and the state-of-the-art kitchen will provide an incentive to unleash your inner chef, but what about the decorations? Surely you will want to enhance your guests’ experience with an unforgettable themed event—and that is where your proximity to Moskatels (733 San Julian St.) can become your secret weapon.

Moskatels is a crafter’s paradise. The interior houses a cornucopia of everything an arts & crafts aficionado might desire: flowers, ribbons, balloons, beads, plants, every kind of party supply and decoration you can think of, themed for every holiday (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween), season, and life milestone (weddings, baby showers, graduations), as well as the most epic birthday paraphernalia. Think mall party superstore Michael’s (whose parent company manages Moskatels), but multiply it by 10 or 20.

And, yes, do not be afraid of checking out the bazaar madness that is Santee Alley, a true DTLA institution where you can genuinely feel like a Downtown local.