BLOG: The Hollywood Skyline Is the Limit

The fact that the entertainment industry is one of Los Angeles’s local institutions has pretty much ensured that the DTLA skyline has become as iconic as those of New York or Paris. It’s a no-brainer for movie and TV producers to set their fictions in this city, and those establishing shots of the ever-rising cityscape have become embedded in the minds of everyone who grew up watching—which means *everyone.*

One of the special perks of the DTLA rentals at 888 at Grand Hope Park is the constant access to the most captivating views of the Los Angeles skyline. Either from the comfort of your luxury apartment or at Above 888, the exclusive penthouse lounge with a professional kitchen to help residents entertain in style, you and your guests can enjoy an unparalleled experience. Sip on some cocktails with your friends while appreciating all that lies immediately beyond your domain. Here are some skyline landmarks that are sure to excite your guests.

Starting with the immediate vicinity of your DTLA luxury rental at 888 at Grand Hope Park, you and your guests cannot miss a very conspicuous dome with a spire. If you are guessing that it looks legitimately vintage and not like one of the far more common art-directed replicas of old-time Los Angeles, you are correct indeed.

The dome belongs to the historic Trinity Auditorium, part of the Trinity Hotel, built right before WWI and opened in 1914. The building changed hands and purposes many times over the last century, from luxury hotel to church to even an unusually luxurious USC dorm. The Trinity’s classic Beaux-Arts architecture can also be seen in early silent films by Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd. As of late 2018, the long-delayed reopening of the Trinity Hotel, under the same ownership group that manages Hollywood’s equally historic Roosevelt Hotel, is announced as “imminent.”

Now that you have soaked up a little of the history of your South Park neighborhood, you can encourage your guests to look up toward the majestic Los Angeles skyline surrounding your Downtown luxury rental. The LA skyline is currently undergoing an almost cinematic process of constant change and rejuvenation, which you can witness from a front-row seat, thanks to 888 at Grand Hope Park’s signature floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

You and your guests will surely be immediately drawn to the sleek majesty of the Wilshire Grand Center, completed in 2016, opened in early 2017, and currently the tallest building in Los Angeles, thanks to its iconic decorative “sail” and spire. From its highest reachable point (the observation deck on the 73rd floor), you can actually look *up* to the second tallest building in Los Angeles, the US Bank Tower, which held the tallest-building title from 1989 until the Wilshire Grand Center’s opening. The mixed-use Wilshire Grand Center currently boasts several other height distinctions: it is the tallest building in California, the tallest building west of the Mississippi River, the tallest building in a city other than New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia, and the 11th-tallest building in the entire United States.

Some of the most iconic skyscrapers of the Los Angeles skyline include the Aon Center, a throwback to the early 1970s, and Arthur Erickson’s One California Plaza and Two California Plaza, completed in the early 1990s but embodying the glacial splendors of the 1980s. And, of course, you must also set your sights on the 1920s City Hall, an art deco tower sitting on a neoclassical base that literally no developer could legally top until height restriction legislation was overturned in 1957, leading to the creation of the skyscraper-heavy Downtown skyline now famous around the world.

If you look beyond these skyscrapers toward the northwest of your perch at 888 at Grand Hope Park, you might also just be able to peek at the twin landmarks of the Griffith Park/Hollywood hills: the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign.

While some might think of Los Angeles as a predominantly “horizontal” city, the Downtown LA apartments for rent at 888 at Grand Hope Park will give you another perspective on this world-class urban center.